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Training: VMware ESXi course

The advantages of virtualization

Virtualization involves the ability to abstract the hardware components of a physical machine to make them available to software in the form of a virtual resource. This way, it is possible to install numerous operating systems on a single physical server.

Thanks to the mechanism of distributing available resources on your physical platform, multiple virtual machines can run simultaneously on a physical system, sharing the resources of your platform.

VMWare ESXi is a hypervisor, which optimally facilitates all these operations. And Real Comm, as a VMWare partner company, offers you VMWare ESXi training through courses agreed upon with your company.

Real Comm has among its collaborators VMWare virtualization experts capable of guiding and accompanying you in your choices, always guaranteeing presence, availability, and professionalism.

VMWare ESXi training is advantageous because, through our courses, you can:


  • Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Increase business agility
  • Simplify system management
  • Improve energy efficiency



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