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We develop efficient business networks

The design and development of business networks requires a careful attention to all aspects related to efficient, high disponibiltà and security of interconnected systems. Network architectures from the simplest to the most complex, requiring competence and innovation, reliability and continuous training, know-how and problem solving. Certifications Microsoft Certified Partner, VMware VIP Partner, Symbolic, F-Secure and Voismart are therefore the starting point for a constant research and innovation, designed to achieve more and more advanced solutions, with a view to implementing solutions tailored to specific needs.

It is a virtualization solution Microsoft manageable from a dedicated console.
Virus protection at the highest level for companies
Flexible solutions and high efficiency for your email security
Certified mail from 25 € a year
Firewall systems to manage your network safely
Protection of high reliability for network infrastructure
EDI: Connections AS2 e translation EDIFACT / XML
Veeam Backup & Replication
Worried about the possibility of losing all of your data to a hardware problem? Choose our Online Backup!
Disaster recovery of physical and virtual infrastructures
Choose the authentication method best suited to your business among our SSL certificates. Find out now!