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Your Dedicated Hyper-V Cloud

A dedicated virtualization solution from Microsoft

By choosing the Dedicated Cloud Hyper-V service, you will have your own dedicated infrastructure: it is a solution for virtualizing Microsoft  cloud services that can be managed from a custom console. In the SCVMM interface, you will have visibility of hosts, datastores, and Virtual Machines.

Il Cloud Hyper-V  allows you to virtualize hardware to create a virtual-server  in which multiple operating systems can be run simultaneously on the same physical computer, allowing you to create and manage virtual machines and their resources. Each of these is a virtual computer capable of running its own operating system.

Hyper-V virtual machines allow you to virtualize workloads and their applications in order to improve business efficiency and reduce management costs.

Dedicated Cloud Hyper-V Real Comm

Dedicated Cloud Hyper-V offers flexible services based on the demand for the use of shared resources, thus allowing the creation or expansion of cloud environments. Energy consumption and physical resource space are reduced thanks to the concentration of virtual servers in physical computers that fully utilize the hardware, also increasing the uptime of the entire system. Furthermore, thanks to virtualization, it is possible to create test environments without having to purchase additional hardware components.

The complete Hyper-V virtual machines package includes:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V licenses included
  • Two servers (hosts)
  • Two datastores
  • 100% SLA guarantee
  • A private network

It will only take you a few minutes to use your Dedicated Cloud Hyper-V virtual server and to create your virtual machines quickly and easily.

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