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Certified mail from 25 € a year

The PEC shall be governed by Italian law with the decree of the President of the Republic on Feb. 11, 2005 n. 68 and March 7, 2005 in the Legislative Decree n. 82 (so-called code of digital). The PEC has the same legal value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt traditional, thus ensuring non-repudiation. The content can be certified and signed electronically, or encrypted, thus ensuring even authentication, data integrity and confidentiality. Consult and choose from our five packages available that suits you.

You'll always have the security of having all the information protected and encrypted. You can choose among various configurations available and will save you time and money.
€ 25,00 annual
PEC Standard Real Comm
Real Comm PEC Standard
Mailbox with 1 GB
Address type
€ 28,00 annual
PEC standard InfoCert
PEC Legalmail standard or Unapec
Mailbox with 1 GB
Archive with 1 GB
Address type or
€ 35,00 annual
PEC Professional Real Comm
Real Comm PEC Professional
Mailbox with 5 GB
Address type
€ 57,00 annual
PEC silver InfoCert
PEC silver Legalmail or Unapec
Mailbox with 2 GB
Archive with 6 GB
Address type or
€ 99,00 annual
PEC gold InfoCert
PEC gold Legalmail or Unapec
Mailbox with 2 GB
Archive with 13 GB
Address type or
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