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Solutions B2B - EDIFACT

EDI: Connections AS2 e translation EDIFACT / XML

Real Comm manages connections for you (AS2 Drummond Group certified) platforms for B2B (business-to-business) for exchanging secure, with integrity control, data EDI (UN / EDIFACT, XML) over the Internet. Real Comm is also involved in translating EDI messages (Electronic Data Interchange) from EDIFACT to XML and vice versa.

Translations EDI - Characteristics:
• Translation by UN / EDIFACT to XML
• Translating XML to UN / EDIFACT
• Customized translation. Translations customized Partner, definition of grammar and syntax customized for Partners
• Support of many EDI formats
• Stable and efficient. Processes easily edi 150,000 files per month

• Flexible
• File archive EDI
• Available for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Connections AS2 - Characteristics:
• Data Interchange EDIFACT, XML over the Internet (HTTP / HTTPS).
• Certification of interoperability Drummond Group
• Security of messages
• Message encryption
• Digital signing of messages
• Check data integrity
• Received MDN (Message Disposition Notifications)

What is AS2:
AS2 (Applicability Standard 2) è uno standard EDI creato per assicurare un adeguato livello di sicurezza per i dati trasmessi attraverso internet. Benchè sia stato sviluppato specificatamente per EDI, può essere utilizzato per il trasferimento di qualunque tipo di file, incluso XML.

AS2 allows the direct transmission between the various Trading Partner, eliminating the need to rely on an expensive "VAN (Value Added Network), Operator" to manage the interchange of data.

AS2 allows secure transmission of data over the Internet via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or its most secure HTTPS. Security is ensured through encryption and digital signature, using a format called S / MIME (Secure Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension) and received using MDN (Message Disposition Notifications). MDN receipts contain information on the state of the transmission of the message. This way you can ensure the "non-repudiation", preventing it from being able to refuse to have received the message. To start a data exchange, the partners will exchange some information (public key, ID AS2, AS2 URL and ports used). AS2 software listens for new incoming messages and takes care of automatically send outgoing messages. Before being sent, messages are encrypted with the public key trading partners to which the message is sent and signed with your private key. In receiving the trading partner, will use its private key to decrypt, and a receipt will be MDN automatically generated and sent as confirmation of receipt. MDN receipt is signed by the private key trading partners and encrypted with your public key.
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