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F-Secure Antivirus

Virus protection at the highest level for companies

Do you want to organize the office in every place, connect, collaborate, share and sleep soundly? We will take care of your protection. We develop solutions for security and privacy in line with the needs of your business. F-Secure anti-virus protection: much more than just antivirus software. Internet security is only one aspect to consider. In modern business, you need prevention against unknown threats as well as against known vulnerabilities. We combine both aspects in our offer.

Automated software updates keep the environment safe and updated against known vulnerabilities, while the technologies of proactive protection based on behavior protect your company against new and emerging malware.

Protection tested by an independent research body.

AV-Test is the leading independent research body at the international level in the field of IT security and anti-virus. Their testing methods are proven as objective and accurate, constantly take into account the latest developments in cybercrime and AV technology. In addition, AV-Test is the source to which the entire industry, including trade publications, refers to the results of the tests.Protecting you constantly
The Best Protection Award from AV-Test is not an award arbitrary and one-off. It is based on excellent performance in tests measured monthly throughout 2014. F-Secure has received consistently better results in protecting, managing to always keeping ahead of new and emerging threats. This proves that we have a grasp of what it takes to protect businesses. For you, this means you can feel comfortable, your business is protected and safe from all online threats. For companies that are looking for simplified management and security on all devices supplied with the staff, we offer Protection Service for Business. F-Secure responds to all the demands of the modern workplace and on the move. Employees get the freedom to work in a more smart and comfortable; anywhere, anytime, with any device or service want - without having to worry about the security or confidentiality of your business.

Business Suite
If you prefer to manage the on-site security, the right answer is Business Suite. It is aimed at companies that need full control in-house and the advanced management of local environments. Business Suite provides uncompromised security for desktops and laptops with minimal impact on performance, as well as security for servers, email scanning and web filtering. 
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