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Live streaming

A platform for live streaming to manage webinars, events, conferences, meetings and online surveys

The platform Live Streaming Real Comm allows you to manage webinars, conferences, events and online meetings. You can optimize time and costs to focus more so on your goals. The platform requires no installation: just a browser with an internet connection to easily connect both from the local network, and remotely and participate actively in the meetings, proposing questions, responding to surveys, sharing information that allow you to solve problems immediately.

With Live Streaming of Real Comm your presentations will be interactive, allowing you to:
• create public or private events with invitation by e-mail
• asking questions directly to the speaker via the microphone or via chat
• share documents and edit them live
• write notes and highlight content
• send private messages to participants
• manage multiple boards to expose the most of your presentation

Real Comm Live offers the possibility to carry out surveys in real time during your conference. It has an integrated calendar to schedule meetings, and allows you to extend invitations to the event. Every meeting or webinar will be recorded, and then be shared later.
You can call our toll-free, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:30.Or find other ways to contact us or ask for assistance.