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  HyperGWAY: new life for pre-Industry 4.0 plants

The most recent machines are now all equipped with Ethernet network cards for interconnection in Industry 4.0 logic. However, it is not uncommon to find companies where older machines are still in use (eg to perform low-precision machining), and as such probably not equipped with Ethernet cards.

This, however, does not mean that machines without an Ethernet card cannot be interconnected to an information system.

In fact, these machines are often equipped with serial ports, which use for example Modbus RTU : an alternative network protocol to Modbus Ethernet, which allows you to read and write on the machine tool memory registers.

Therefore, through alternative network protocols, it is also possible to create connectors to machines of previous generations, which will therefore allow to perform the same functions implemented in "Industry 4.0 - ready" systems:

  • Reading data on processing progress (times and quantities)
  • Reading data on sensors (position, movement, current,…)
  • Reading alarms and signals

HyperGWAY is the Real Comm solution for creating interconnections to machines through native protocols.

It is therefore possible to obtain data - in a totally similar way to Industry 4.0 machines - also from old generation plants : in this way a complete and uniform interconnection of the machine park will be created < / strong> corporate.

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