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Internet services

Specialists in the provision of personalized internet and with professional assistance

Real Comm is specialized in the provision of internet services. You can also ask for personalized services: the will adapt to your needs. Choosing Real Comm'll also continuous support and always professional, so you can enjoy a reliable, scalable and in line with your needs. Find out all the technical details of our services and choose the one that is most suitable for you. So you can finally maximize your time and grow your business, devoting yourself fully to your customers, without worry of IT platforms.

Choose the continuity, reliability and high availability of company information processes guaranteed by our Green Data Center.
Our hosting service provides continuity and security
Service of Housing & Collocation
Domain registration service at affordable prices
Dedicated servers certified ISO 27001
Safety and simplicity characterize our Cloud Service
Try our service Email hosting and reduce hardware costs and management
The Service Cloud anti spam Real Comm to manage e-mail and protect it from threat
A platform for live streaming to manage webinars, events, conferences, meetings and online surveys
Connections AS2 (standard EDI) e translation EDIFACT/XML
Make more effective the management email and content sharinge
Worried about the possibility of losing all of your data to a hardware problem? Choose our Online Backup!