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Protect Your Information with SSL Certificates

Choose from our SSL certificates the type of authentication that best suits your business

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is designed to allow the transfer of information in a secure and protected manner.
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To establish a secure connection via SSL, your application must have a protection key, which must be assigned by an authorized Authority that will issue it in the form of an SSL certificate. The purpose of the SSL certificate is therefore to ensure that a public key is associated with the true identity of the subject who claims it as their own.

You can recognize the use of a valid SSL certificate simply by looking at the address bar of your browser: the presence of the https:// prefix alongside the padlock symbol is the indicator of a private and protected connection.

Not all SSL certificates are the same; in fact, you can choose between Domain-Validated (DV) and Extended-Validation (EV) certificates.

  • Domain Validated (DV) Certificate:
    These are the most common types of SSL certificates and are verified using only the domain name. Typically, the Certification Authority (CA) confirms the ownership of the domain through the email address entered in the WHOIS record. Alternatively, it may ask the domain owner to place a verification file within the website. Both methods confirm that the domain is in possession of the person who requested the certificate.

  • Extended Validation (EV) certificate:
    EV certificates are more secure than DV certificates. In addition to checking domain ownership, the Certification Authority adds to the certificate information about the company requesting issuance: this could include checking the physical address of the company's registered office or a telephone contact with a manager. The company information is then displayed in the browser's address bar, adding an additional level of security and confidence for the customer. Providing the highest level of security, the address bar will display the company's name in green (Green bar).

We offer a range of SSL certificates with competitive rapid delivery based on value for money.

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True BusinessID® w/EV
Up to 256-bit 2048-bit root
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