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Digital certificates

Choose the authentication method best suited to your business among our SSL certificates

A digital certificate is used to transfer sensitive data online in total security.

It 'must, therefore, a protocol that allows two machines, which will have a dialogue, to identify themselves before the transmitted data to be protected.

To avoid fake documents can be signed with a digital signature.

The signing certificates are issued on secure devices, protected credentials (username and password).

The purpose of the digital certificate is therefore to ensure that a public key is associated with the true identity of the entity that claims as its own.

We offer a competitive SSL certificates with fast delivery by the ratio value for money.

Choose the authentication method is best for your business!
€ 89,00 annual
Quick SSL Premium
Up to 256-bit 2048-bit root
Fast Domain Validation (DV)
One day
€ 235,00 annual
True BusinessID® w/EV
Up to 256-bit 2048-bit root
High-assurance Extended Validation (EV)
Some Days
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