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Virtual PC

Choose the virtual PC solutions for computer work wherever you are

You want to have your computer with you to work, research and collaborate with confidence, with high performance on the go? The virtual PC solutions allow you to have a personal virtual machine with high performance.

How does a Virtual PC
The Virtual PC are based on virtualization, which allows the optimization of resources and thus to deal with specific requirements, while lowering the cost of hardware and maintenance. The Virtual PC are flexible, customizable and configurable according to your needs.

Whenever you want, you can change the configuration options. To ensure maximum safety and reliability, the virtual PCs are hosted at the  data center Real Comm and are interconnected to the Internet fiber optics with dual redundant ring. PCs are always up to date, efficient, under careful supervision and maintenance qualified staff, in complete safety.

A world of benefits
The Virtual PC decrease the energy consumption. The operating system software licenses are included, there is no additional cost. They are cut down hardware costs and maintenance. Virtual PC is an ICT service that optimize resources and manage energy with eco-friendly mode. Real Comm offer excellent services at attractive prices! Real Comm's services are all documented and included in the price. Additional services you choose them, so in total transparency.

Countless benefits
- Reduction hardware costs
- Data safe
- Services and software licenses S.O. including
- Reduction in energy costs
- Accessible directly from all over the world

Services that we can offer
- System support
- Bandwidth up to 100 Mbps
- Complete customization
- Operating systems Windows and Linux
- Activation in less than 24 hours

You can call our toll-free, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:30.Or find other ways to contact us or ask for assistance.