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Management and control of production resources

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software that has the main function to manage and control the production area within a company. The software manages production orders, production progress in quantity and time, the deposit to the warehouse, as well as the direct connection to the machinery to deduce information useful to integrate the state of production, and to produce information for the control of the production itself.

HyperMES is the Real Comm MES solution that allows a complete and rational management of production events and the total control of production progress.

HyperMES is a completely customizable multilanguage software based on company specific production needs.

HyperMES is a web application for production management that allows to:

  • Acquire data from company ERP, such as units to be produced with bill of materials, machining cycles and theoretical processing times;
  • Manage production planning by lines;
  • Manage the progress of the unit in production line with tracking unit serial number, for each single phase, in order to monitor production in a timely manner;
  • Display in graphic and tabular way of the status of the units present in the production lines;
  • Detecting "who does what"; actual times x operator-activity and registration of production downtime, anomalies and non-compliance events;
  • Track the processing times about the production cycle in the management system;
  • Deposit the units produced into wharehouses;
  • View progress and final information in a graphical way;
  • Generate reports in formatted Excel.

HyperMES also allows you to:

  • Configure users, groups and access permissions to group software features;
  • Assign users to teams with working days and times, entering non-working days.


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