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Network Security

Protection of high reliability for network infrastructure

SOHO networks to large distributed network architectures, security now plays an increasingly key in the design, implementation and maintenance of the network.

The presence of individual components traditional related to security, such as firewalls and antivirus is no longer enough.

Fundamental aspects, such content filtering, caching, VPN and mobile users need to reconsider in a new and global security issues.

Indeed, the lack of attention to only one of several aspects that interact in a network, in fact undermines all the other efforts. For this, only the constant training on safety integrated with the most advanced design methodologies, allow you to implement and administer networks safe, secure and reliable.

FIREWALLTimely and comprehensive definition of the firewall rules, by IP address, protocol, port, connection status and other parameters:

  •  anti spoofing
  •  Synflood protection
  •  Fragments dropping
  •  multiple DMZ
  • http proxy
  • proxy selective
  • Full support for acl
  • Full support for transparent proxy
  • Semantic check for keywords in the URL and IP address
  • Protection systems Small, Business and Enterprise
  • Administration Centralized Policy
  • Definition of VPN PPTP / L2TP used by municipal Windows client
  • Authentication by specific accounts or using Active Directory and RADIUS protocol
  • Check-up of local and geographical networks for monitoring adherence to legal requirements
  • Solutions for encryption and digital signature
  • Solutions for storing records (logs) as per regulations
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