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How does hyperconvergence

At the base there is a new dell'iperconvergenza intelligence software. Thanks to this key of server development, virtualization storage and software converge into a single object, said appliance, governed by a single program that acts as management controller. Ideally, the model collapses an entire data center to a node that is managed through an interface as simple and intuitive user interface.

The expansion of the system takes place through the addition of one or more nodes (appliance) to be added to the infrastructure basis.

Realizing a real convergence of computing and shared storage, it is possible to "climb" without limit by increasing calculation capacity, storage capacity and performance according to the requirements.

Within minutes you can create a virtual infrastructure easier to manage and above all scalable, in that, with the growth of data and capacity needs, simply add a new appliance to double and extend the already owned resources, even after many years. This avoids the risk and cost of having to provide their company in advance of an oversized infrastructure compared to the real needs, consequently increasing the predictability of investments, with a view to pay-as-you-grow.

Who wants to adopt the iperconvergenti platforms take advantage of a traditional storage system, without the need to add the arrays proprietary storage and the related management and optimization costs.

The solution creates a real convergence between storage and CPU thus reducing the complexity of virtual infrastructure to the benefit of performance, simplicity and scalability. No longer do you have to size and buy shared storage to be connected to the server, but with the growth of data you will purchase a new appliance (compute and storage) to be connected to the existing ones.

Infrastruttura tradizionale VS Iperconvergenza

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