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  Connectors for data integration to Industry 4.0 machines and devices

One of the characteristics of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the widespread diffusion of sensors and network connectivity within machines and devices.

It is very common, in fact, among machine tool manufacturers and beyond, to find the wording "Industry 4.0" commercially displayed, to indicate that the plant is potentially connectable to a computer system. But is everything really "ready"?

Of course not: for an interconnection to be created, as required by the legislation of the National Industry 4.0 Plan, it is necessary that there are two elements:

  • Devices interconnected to the corporate / internet network.
  • An information system capable of managing interconnections to hardware devices, as are the products of the HyperPLANT suite.

To achieve the required integration between the two elements above, HyperCONN connectors are available.

This is software developed ad hoc for interconnection to the customer's specific machine, according to conventions, protocols and standards that the plant manufacturers choose to adopt (eg MODBUS, OPC / UA, ...).

Thanks to the use of connectors, it will be possible to extract from the machine and store in the information system a valuable amount of information relating to process data :

  • Production times
  • Quantities produced and waste
  • Work Order Completion Data
  • Sensor readings (current, rpm, power, temperature, and more)
  • Alarms and signals

Once collected, these data can be used for real-time monitoring of production activity, and serve as a basis for subsequent analyzes in the management control area . In this way it will be possible to know, for example, the cost per unit of product, the average times per work phase, the failure rate of the machines, and to value important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in use in the company.

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