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Software for programming production resources

Hyper SCHED is a software application that allows you to program in detail the commitment of the production resources.

Each resource is assigned to the processing phase of a specific job. Using Hyper SCHED it is possible to graphically display the resource commitments (Gantt chart) and operate, manually or automatically, the necessary updates to the commitment of the productive resources.

Hyper SCHED is a completely customizable multilanguage software based on company specific production needs.

Hyper SCHED provides, the ability to interface directly with production resources, to automatically acquire production progress. This aspect is particularly interesting from an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Hyper SCHED is a web portal for production management that allows you to:

  • Acquire data from the company ERP, such as units to be produced with bill of materials, machining cycles and theoretical processing times;
  • Planning production through forward planning over time (forward scheduling) or backward planning (backward scheduling);
  • Manage and visually interact with production planning;
  • Manage progress of units in production line, with tracking unit serial number, for each single operation, in order to monitor production in a timely manner;
  • Visualize graphically and the actual load of productive resources;
  • View progress and final information in a graphical way;
  • Generate reports in formatted Excel.

Hyper SCHED also allows you to:

  • Define and configure users, groups and access permissions to group software features;
  • Define processing cycles, resources, orders, carry out the explosion of orders;
  • Export production declarations to the company ERP;


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