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Management Software patients for the treatment of clinical and diagnostic data.

Clinic Smart is a management software of the patients, a support tool to the work of physicians to manage data diagnostic / clinical users. The application has been developed in collaboration with specialists in the sector and is compiled in C ++, based on Microsoft SQL Server database. Working on sensitive data, ClinicSmart guarantees high safety. The authentication of the operator with the inclusion of their personal data, and with the specific department of membership allows access to software only to the authorized user.

A successful identification will then enable specific functionality based on the role the user belongs. The action before the opening of the program is the search of the patient through its data anagrafrici and personal (last name, first name, date of birth and CRA). If your search returns multiple registries that meet the selected criteria, the program facilitates the search through a dialog box where you can select the proper registry or for entering new data. The loading of the patient card, the system does the following:

- Interfacing with a Web Service to update the data of dell'anagrafica ClinicSmart with data validated by the Health Service;
- Changing the look of the buttons at the top to indicate in which section contains data relating to the patient in question. The appearance of buttons allows the user to immediately identify if entered data concerning the current department, other departments, the current department and other departments, or if there is no data on this.

The registry allows you to manage the data of the patient, the medical and paramedical staff. The mask also incorporates a control of correctness of the tax code. The cards allow you to manage data ClinicSmart clinical / diagnostic of different types:

- Surgery
- Hospitalization
- Records Operators
- Day surgery
- Day hospital
- Medicine
- Surgery
- Urology
- Digestive Endoscopy
- Pathological Anatomy
- Eco color dopplerSmart Clinic includes the option to enable specific functions to particular types of users:- Detection module statistics data masks reporting (search by date range, department, ISTAT codes for operations and diseases, etc ...)
- Form merger of duplicate master data for typing errors when entering
- Cancellation registration form: the functionality is designed for screens that require progressive (as for the surgical register). The card will not be eliminated, but simply annulled to avoid progressive not used in the table and to keep track, in accordance with the Privacy Act, the activity being performed.
- Change of holder to allow navigation of data entered erroneously by a patient to another.
- Text formatting with features similar to those of a simple word processor.
- Programming and insertion predefined texts to be imported in the field as needed, such as the diagnosis standard, with the possibility of user modification. The time savings in the diagnosis phase is decidedly considerable.
- Form image management applicable to each clinical-diagnostic card.
The module allows you to capture images from the folders, or directly from cameras and real-time related instruments dedicated acquiring cards (frame grabbers). For every image you can be associated with a print order and a description for printing reports.
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