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Application for detecting progress in work centers

HyperTAB simplifies and speeds up the declaration of activities by operators, with a view to Industry 4.0 . The software features a simple interface and is accessible on tablet, industrial tablet, or PC.

Directly integrated with HyperSCHED® and HyperMES® allows bidirectional transmission of information : enabling bidirectional information transmission: it allows operators to know the list and technical details of scheduled work, and production managers to obtain direct information on progress.

The exchanged information  includes:

  • Items / components to be produced
  • expected / actual times
  • compliant quantities / rejects
  • part program
  • notes
  • technical drawings
  • set-up timing

By linking it to HyperMES® it enables the detection of production-related events:

  • machine stops
  • rework
  • meetings
  • others freely definable


Allows operator recognition through various methods: codes, barcode readers, or NFC-based wearable devices.

For Industry 4.0 , HyperTAB automatically acquires information on times and quantities produced ; a panel with sensor-detected data will also be displayed, with configurable alarm thresholds, with configurable alarm thresholds, for continuous and real-time monitoring of process data.

The national Industry 4.0 plan encourages the modernization of your company with Hyper Depreciation up to 270% which allows a minimum fiscal saving oh 40% of the invested capital.

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