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SmartMan: the ERP for the digital transformation of the company

Web management software, simple, flexible and intuitive

General features

SmartMan is the complete web management system with a simple and intuitive interface, usable from any browser, regardless of the operating system and device. The software can reside on local company servers or on servers in our Green Data Center.

SmartMan is the ERP Industry 4.0 that natively integrates the production plants into the company and factory information system, thus allowing the company to benefit from over-depreciation.

SmartMan is designed and developed 100% by Real Comm, and is therefore completely customizable according to the various needs: each installation is a dedicated project, with assistance from the management analysis team and consequent development.

SmartMan is much more than a simple management software: for example it is compliant with the GDPR and with Legislative Decree 101/2018, it has an integrated web mail client for the quick sending of documents and / or reminders, is integrated with VOIP switchboards (One Click Call), allows uploading and sharing of attachments on each document / personal data, has generalized functions for document transformation , is integrated with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and much more.

Furthermore, SmartMan is natively multilingual: in the interface and in the item descriptions (as well as in the reasons, accounting items, etc.) and integrates automatic translation services multilingual.

Here is a short list of features divided by area:


  • Management of accounting entries, chart of accounts, journal entry, ledgers and registers
  • Automatic posting of documents of the active and passive cycle
  • Automatic import of charts of accounts from the main management software
  • Export accounting movements to the main management software


  • Manages documents such as requests for quotations, offers, orders, contracts, transport documents, invoices and credit notes, both for the active and passive cycle.
  • Allows rapid and automatic transformation of documents (e.g. creation of orders from offers, issuing of invoices from orders, ...)
  • Electronic invoicing to PA and B2B
  • Management of payments and deadlines, with schedule and automatic sending to credit institutions
  • Management of purchase, sale and subcontracting lists
  • Management of automatic attribution to suppliers
  • Management of automatic renewals (e.g. issuing invoices for maintenance fees or periodic services)
  • Registration of collaborators performances, management of agents and commissions


  • Archiving of customer, supplier, agent, bank, carrier master data
  • Automatic classification of personal data based on linked documents (lead, prospect, standard)
  • Management of campaigns and negotiations
  • It is integrated with users' mobile agendas
  • Provides pages of analysis of the activities carried out
  • Integrates work progress and prioritization systems


  • Automatic registration of warehouse movements and stock display
  • Traceability by batches and serial numbers
  • Handling orders and functions dedicated to the warehouse worker
  • Native integration with barcode readers, NFC and RFID tags.


  • It manages production data, orders, production orders, subcontracting orders
  • Can be integrated in real time with management software already present in the company in a bidirectional way
  • Natively integrates an MRP II system (MRP + CRP), with automatic issuance of orders and raw material purchase proposals, characterized by extreme ease of use and intuitiveness
  • Natively manages localized BOMs
  • Manages the retro propagation of states in the flow of production, logistic and administrative documents

INDUSTRY 4.0 - HyperPLANT® the Integrated Suite

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