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Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Software
Veeam Software, VMware Technology Alliance Partner premier level, develops innovative software to manage VMware vSphere. Veeam vPower ™ provides advanced Virtualization-Powered Protection Data Protection ™ and serves as the technological basis for Veeam Backup & Replication ™, the number one solution for backing up VMware. Veeam ONE ™ provides a single solution to optimize the performance, configuration and utilization of VMware environments which includes: Veeam Reporter ™ - VMware capacity planning, change management, reporting and chargeback; Veeam Business View ™ - VMware business service management and categorization; wide choice of VMware monitoring options, including the nworks Management Pack ™ for VMware management in Microsoft System Center, the nworks Smart Plug-in ™ for VMware management in HP Operations Manager and Veeam Monitor ™ for VMware monitoring outside of the structure. More information about Veeam Software

Veeam Backup & Replication 5.0 for VMware
Innovative disaster recovery solution for VMware ESX and ESXi that combines backup and replication in a single product. Veeam Backup & Replication is the first enterprise-ready solution for backup and quick recovery of VMware ESX / ESXiche brings together in a single product functions of backup and replication. Veeam Backup & Replication offers many capabilities absolutely unprecedented for the industry, as the native support of the advanced features found in VMware vSphere 4.

• Backup & replication combined
• Full support for ESXi with and without VCB

• Restore individual files heterogeneous in seconds
• New Enterprise Management Console
• New native support for vSphere
• NovitàReplica almost continuous ("Almost" -CDP) Least Cost
• Backup consistent with the database for the recovery of applications
• Reduced storage costs with data de-duplication
• Replica rollback

Veeam Monitor 5.0 for VMware
Veeam Monitor is a specific solution for the virtual world that provides a comprehensive overview on the key parameters of the virtual infrastructure ESXi company. With Veeam Monitor, you can observe in real time the data of resource utilization in relation to any object or group of objects and learn about the events surrounding the infrastructure through a single screen. The virtual infrastructure is therefore seen as a homogeneous entity and not as a collection of isolated equipment host and guest.

Veeam Reporter 4.0 for VMware
Enterprise reporting, change management and capacity planning for VMware. Veeam Reporter explores, documents and analyzes your entire virtual infrastructure. It retains all the historical data objects, settings and changes, tracing the trend of performance and use. This way you can know in detail the past, present and future of virtual infrastructure in use. The solution provides a customizable Web-based dashboard that provides IT managers and enterprise instant access to updated information. Reporter fulfills the following tasks critical virtualization management:
Enterprise reporting
Change management
Capacity Planning

Nworks Management Pack 5.6 for Microsoft Ops Mgr for VMware
VMware monitoring with Microsoft System Center. Protection of investments in the Microsoft System Center product and management of the physical and virtual from one console with the Veeam nworks Management Pack ™ for VMware. The nworks Management Pack provides scalable, fault-tolerant and agentless monitor and manage your VMware environment directly in Microsoft System Center, eliminating the need for a separate monitoring framework.
• Protect your investments in System Center
• Complete management from a single console
• Elimination of additional monitoring

Nworks Smart Plug-in 5.6 for HP Operations Mgr for VMware
VMware monitoring with HP Operations Manager. With Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in ™ (SPI) for VMware you can maximize the results of virtualization and protecting the company's investment in HP Software Operations Manager. Nworks Smart Plug-in provides functions for monitoring and managing distributed virtual VMware infrastructure (vSphere and VI3) fully integrated into HP Operations Manager. The plug-in edits directly into HP Operations Manager data for performance, events, configuration, state and topology VMware offering a comprehensive view of the entire physical and virtual infrastructure.
• A single management console Common
• Future-proof solution
• Comprehensive monitoring
• Scalability and performance of enterprise-class
• Active monitoring of virtual infrastructure resources
• Extensive library of reports and graphs
• Integration with Veeam Business View
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