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When Technology gets Life Industry becomes Smart

Industry 4.0 Suite designed to make plant software smart

Worldwide production processes have undergone enormous transformations over the past few years. These are really substantial and structural transformations, to the point that today we speak of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

HyperPLANT is the Industry 4.0 Suite designed to make plant software smart.

Each product of the suite can operate independently, or in synergy with other products.

 HyperPLANT includes:


HyperMES: the MES for the management of progress and events
HyperSCHED: the visual scheduler for the government of resource commitments
HyperQUEUE: MQTT service on Cloud, GDPR Ready
HyperSENSE: the device for rapid and accurate MES detections




Management and control of production resources in your company
Complete management of your production resources
IIOT service that exposes the MQTT protocol natively
Hardware devices to simplify detection activities