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Much more than a simple ERP, a suite of business apps

Some claim that I hate to be understood as an acronym for On Demand Open Object. Others derive, in a more or less explicit, from On Demand (SaaS) Offer from OpenERP.

The name odoo encloses the evolutionary transition from ERP to offer tools for companies, provided via SaaS, or in the open source community edition. It 'a suite of useful business apps not a simple ERP, as summarized Fabien Pinckaers, founder of OpenErp.

Integration out-of-the-box: beyond traditional ERP.

The name change in odoo establishes the fact that ERP is not just a software for enterprise resource planning (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning), but also, and more widely, a number of other modules (Apps) , which includes other functions. In total there are well over 3,000 additional applications for ERP platform with functions of varying length, including CRM, modules for project management, e-commerce, personnel management, and e-commerce etc.Website Builder: New Genuine odoo.

For those who have experience with previous versions of OpenERP, it is clear that the two are the real news of odoo website builder (CMS integrated, although still not very powerful) and the engine of e-commerce integrated with ERP (sales online that are directly linked to the processes of managing suppliers, customers, purchases, sales, inventory, billing, etc.) .All other functions (project management, human resource management, etc.) were already present in the ERP, typically as modules (from a certain point app for SaaS) need to be installed. Odoo is released under an Open Source license, a sign of continuity. Odoo can be used freely by downloading the package from the site, but can also be used as SaaS, that is directly using the server OpenERP SA (only two utilities for the service is free). In both cases, the software that you will use exactly the same. If in doubt you can ask for more information here.

Odoo presents itself to companies as a unique tool that meets all their needs (ERP, as well as website and e-commerce) without using different software to be integrated with each other. Following the historical evolution from OpenERP to odoo, already since version 7.0, OpenERP had begun to innovate the traditional ERP, with its integration of collaboration capabilities inhale to Social Media to increase the efficiency, where sharing of information tools business (e-mail, file sharing ...) was prevented. Important technical note for developers is the fact that with the transition to the new version will have a transition from Launchpad to GitHub and also changes the terminology, so we use the master instead of trunk. The move to GitHub was decided because Git and GitHub is faster is better organized. Also odoo, despite the name change has disappeared labeled Open, always remains open, because the Community Edition is available for the download continues to use the GNU Affero General Public License, or GNU AGPL.
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