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Team Sales

Sales Force App for Tablet

Sales team is applying for Tablet that allows for easy management and real-time sales. Agents and sales managers will always have at hand the perfect tool to input, view and send orders to the company. It will also be possible to display, within the application, a number of useful information about the customer, the order history and the sales statistics.

The customer within reach
Sales team allows you to keep under conotrollo information on current and potential customers, order status and dele deadlines.

Catalogs and articles
In Team Sales loads items sold, grouped by catalogs and with their images: you will not need the paperwork!

For every customer you'll always have the lists of reference and their commercial conditions.

The order entry is quick and easy: select the desired items from the customer and confirms the dispatch to the management! Unleashing the customizations. Sales Team with your business needs are in the foreground: insert your company logo, a photo of the agent and all the necessary documentation!

Sales teams can set statistics and customized reports in support of the sales force. We work closely with the world of small and medium-sized enterprises and we are able to design customized solutions for any requirement. Among our clients there are companies from different sectors, such as:
• Distribution of food
• Distribution of products for industry
• Distribution of machines for industrial cleaning
• Distribution of products for mobile phones
You can call our toll-free, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:30.Or find other ways to contact us or ask for assistance.