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Hardware devices to simplify detection activities

In MES (Manufacturing Execution System) environments, the detection of operator times is usually performed, either by explicit declaration on PC, or by bar code reader. In both cases, the operation is slow and unnatural. In fact, for the operator involved in his operational task, it is not natural to abandon the activity in progress, to type a declaration on the PC, or getting a bar code and use it with a bar code reader. The direct consequence of all this, is the inaccuracy of the detection of operator times and / or events.

HyperSENSE is born to allow an optimal accuracy in the detection of operator time, simplify the activities of declaration to be made by the operator, and thus give much more value to the data managed by a MES software.

HyperSENSE is therefore an hardware device to be placed on the production resource, fully integrated with the company MES, which simplifies and makes accurate the operator's time declarations.

An Hyper SENSE device on the machine, in fact, allows, through the use of simple wearable NFC TAG, to detect any event by simply passing near Hyper SENSE.

Equipped with an easy-to-read LCD panel, Hyper SENSE displays the name of the unit / batch in production, the value of the progress of the activity, as well as the list of operators who are working on a specific production phase.

Thanks to full integration, with HyperMES (the Real Comm MES solution), the declaration of activity in one phase, involves the automatic removal of the operator from the phase in which he was previously working.

HyperSENSE is a hardware device based on open source technologies, which includes:

  • Micro controller and software
  • NFC TAG reader / writer
  • Large display
  • Ethernet or wireless network card
  • Case made of resistant material
  • Power supply

Hyper SENSE can be integrated with any pre-existing MES solution in the company.


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